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Do's and Dont's After Teeth Whitening

May 21, 2024

Teeth whitening procedures can greatly improve the brightness of your smile, elevating your confidence and overall look. Whether you've undergone professional whitening at a dental office or used at-home whitening kits prescribed by your dentist, it's crucial to follow proper post-whitening care to maintain your results effectively. 

Let us explore the Do's and Don'ts after teeth whitening to help you preserve your radiant smile for the long term.

The Do's After Teeth Whitening:

  • Practice Good Oral Hygiene:
      • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your teeth.
      • Use fluoride toothpaste to protect your tooth enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity.
      • Floss daily to remove plaque and avoid staining between teeth.
  • Maintain a Healthy Diet:
      • Consume foods high in calcium, like dairy products, leafy greens, and almonds, for stronger teeth.
      • Add crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots to your diet; they naturally help clean your teeth.
      • Drink enough water to rinse away food particles and reduce staining.
  • Use Teeth Whitening Products as Directed:
      • If your dentist has provided at-home whitening kits, follow the instructions carefully regarding usage frequency and duration.
      • Use whitening toothpaste or rinses recommended by your dentist to maintain brightness between treatments.
  • Attend Regular Dental Check-ups:
      • Schedule routine dental cleanings and check-ups to keep track of your oral health and discuss any concerns about teeth whitening maintenance.
  • Be Mindful of Staining Agents:
    • Limit consumption of dark-colored beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine, which can stain teeth over time.
    • Quit smoking or stop using tobacco products to prevent yellowing and maintain whitening results.

The Don'ts After Teeth Whitening:The Donts After Teeth Whitening

  • Avoid Staining Foods and Beverages:
      • Stay away from highly pigmented foods like berries, tomato sauce, and soy sauce immediately after teeth whitening.
      • Refrain from consuming acidic foods and beverages that can weaken enamel, such as citrus fruits and sodas.
  • Say No to Tobacco Products:
      • Smoking or using tobacco products can quickly diminish teeth-whitening results and lead to discoloration. Avoid them entirely for a brighter smile.
  • Skip Staining Habits:
    • Avoid habits like chewing tobacco or betel nuts, which can not only stain teeth but also pose oral health risks.
    • Refrain from excessive consumption of sugary snacks and beverages to prevent tooth decay and maintain whitening effects.
  1. Say No to Staining Medications:
  • Certain medications can cause tooth discoloration. Consult your dentist or healthcare provider about alternatives if you're concerned about staining.
  1. Refrain from Dark-Colored Mouthwashes:
  • Mouthwashes containing alcohol or dark colorants can stain teeth, especially right after whitening. Opt for alcohol-free and clear mouthwashes instead.

Additional Tips for Teeth Whitening Aftercare

Maintaining the brightness of your smile after teeth whitening involves more than just watching what you eat and drink. Here are some additional tips to include in your daily routine for longer-lasting results:

  1. Keep up with oral hygiene: Brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily to prevent new stains and maintain overall oral health.
  2. Use a gentle mouthwash: Rinse your mouth with an alcohol-free mouthwash after meals, especially if you can't brush right away, to help remove food particles and bacteria.
  3. Quit tobacco: Tobacco products are a major cause of tooth stains, so quitting smoking or chewing tobacco can help preserve your whitened smile.
  4. Avoid lipstick: Skip wearing lipstick or colored lip products for about a week after whitening to prevent potential staining and let the whitening effects settle.
  5. Talk to your dentist: Consult with your dentist about touch-up whitening treatments and how often you should consider them based on your results and dental health. 


Following the Do's and Don'ts after your teeth whitening procedure can make a substantial difference in how long your results last and how effective they remain. These guidelines, when integrated into your daily dental care habits, help preserve a brighter and healthier smile over an extended period.

Ready to maintain your bright smile after teeth whitening? Schedule a follow-up appointment with Avalon Commons Dental Care in Orlando, FL, for expert advice and personalized dental care. New patients can book online or call (407) 606-7209 while existing patients can reach us at (407) 601-4206.


Can I brush my teeth immediately after whitening?

It's best to wait at least 30 minutes after whitening before brushing to avoid damaging your enamel.

Can I drink coffee or tea after teeth whitening?

It's recommended to avoid dark-colored beverages such as coffee and tea for the first 24-48 hours after whitening to prevent staining.

How long should I wait before eating after teeth whitening?

Wait at least one hour after whitening before consuming food to allow your teeth to stabilize and reduce sensitivity.

Can I use whitening toothpaste after professional whitening?

Yes, but choose a gentle whitening toothpaste and avoid abrasive brushing immediately after whitening to prevent enamel damage.

Can I smoke or use tobacco after teeth whitening?

It's strongly advised to avoid smoking or using tobacco products as they can quickly stain your teeth and compromise whitening results.

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