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You may have thought you'd have to live forever with that cracked tooth, or the chipped tooth you got from an accidental fall. Or you may have despaired of ever having the kind of brilliant white smile that some of your colleagues currently flash. We can assure you that none of these situations has to be permanent, because we can help almost any patient achieve their objectives with a new and better smile, including the application of dental veneers.

At Parkway Dental Care, we have a number of specialists on our team who are well qualified to convert your deepest wishes into reality in terms of applying dental veneers. You'll be amazed at the difference that a dazzling white smile can have on all your friends and family. Start the process today by consulting with one of our skilled specialists, and then just look forward to the day when you've achieved your fondest desires.

Who is a good candidate for Kissimmee veneers?

There are several reasons why a patient might want to have dental veneers installed. Some people have crooked teeth, but prefer not to go through a year or more of wearing braces to have them corrected. Other individuals don't like the color of their teeth, because perhaps they've been stained somehow or other, and they would like to have them brightened up permanently.
Some individuals have chipped, cracked, or fractured teeth which they wish to cover up. Even some people who have perfectly healthy teeth and have always used good oral hygiene may want to have dental veneers installed. People with gapped teeth can have them covered over on the sides, so that gap is much less noticeable, or even completely closed. There are any number of reasons why you might be unhappy with your smile, either after an accident or from natural causes.
Any of these situations might make you a good candidate for having dental veneers installed. To find out exactly what would be involved in any procedure for having veneers installed in your mouth, you should contact your dentist and consult with him/her. Chances are, dental veneers would be a very good option for you, and would help you achieve whatever your objectives are with cosmetic dentistry.

Can veneers near me be installed in a single day?

In most cases, dental veneers cannot be installed in a single day. It's far more likely that this will work out to be a multi-step process which is handled over several appointments. However, in the vast majority of cases the excellent results achieved are well worth the wait. One of the reasons that several sessions are needed is that impressions must be made of your smile, so that temporary veneers can be made. These temporary veneers would then be installed so you can determine whether or not you like them, and whether you wish to proceed.

When you are happy with the temporary veneers and want to go ahead with the permanent veneers, it will be necessary to take additional photographs, molds, and x-rays. After this, you'll have to come back for another session for the preparation work. Once the temporary veneers are ready, you'll generally have to wear them for a week or so in order to determine whether they are functionally and aesthetically appropriate.

If any changes are necessary after this trial period, those will be incorporated into the final version of the veneers, and another mold will be taken. Then this final mold will be sent to a laboratory for production. Then the finished veneers will be installed over your teeth to make sure that they fit perfectly, and that you are happy with them.

What is the cost of veneers?

First of all, you should keep in mind that the installation of dental veneers is generally not a procedure covered by most insurance companies. That means you'll probably have to pay the entire cost out-of-pocket. Even a consultation might cost you between $250 and $500, depending on whom you consult with. Assuming that you decide to go forward, you can generally count on paying between $1,000 and $4,000 per tooth.

This might sound like a lot, and in truth most patients can't really afford to pay such amounts all at one time. It will probably be worth your while to discuss with your dentist whether or not they offer a payment plan, so you can spread out your payments. The cost of your dental veneers will depend on which type you have installed. A resin-based composite veneer is considerably less expensive than a porcelain veneer, although it's also not as long-lasting.

Porcelain veneers routinely last three to four times longer than do resin-based veneers, so in the long run, the cost may be pretty near equal. Your location in the country may also influence the cost of your dental veneers, because materials may cost more and laboratory costs may be higher where you live. In any case, if you can afford the procedure, you will almost certainly be very happy with the end results.

Where can I find dental veneers near me?

Dental veneers are available in Kissimmee at the Parkway Dental Care center, and you won't find more skilled professionals anywhere in the region. We offer both types of dental veneers, and we'll be glad to discuss your objectives prior to going forward. If you're comfortable with the process, we can begin whenever you're ready, and from that point on, it might be just a matter of weeks before your enjoying a brand-new smile. Contact us today, so our highly skilled team of dentists can help you achieve everything you want with your dazzling new smile.

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