A Dental Emergency Can Occur at Any Time

The most severe dental emergencies can actually be life-threatening, and might require immediate treatment. Such cases generally occur when there is severe bleeding associated with an oral injury. However, a dental emergency doesn't need to be life-threatening in order to require immediate attention. There might be some kind of trauma involving the bones of the face, and it could even be an airway blockage resulting from that. Some cases might include the possibility of infection, while others are characterized by severe pain experienced by the patient.

There are also cases involving extreme swelling, and that can also block a patient's airway. Needless to say, when you have any kind of dental emergency like this, you'll need expert attention very quickly. It's good to know that you have an emergency dentist in Kissimmee that can be called upon to handle any oral crisis. At Parkway Dental Care of Kissimmee, we offer emergency dental services, so that you won't have to suffer for any length of time. We also respond very rapidly to situations which might involve severe bleeding, or any kind of life-threatening situation.

What Are Some of the Most Common Dental Emergencies?

There are quite a few situations where emergency dentistry is called for. One of the more common emergencies involves a tooth fracture which causes soft tissue trauma and generally considerable pain as well. You might also have an abscess or some kind of bacterial infection which causes localized swelling and pain. You could experience extreme gingival irritation after the loss of a temporary bridge in your mouth which has become broken somehow. Some patients experience extreme dental pain from inflammation of the pulp, or from third molar pain. Another kind of dental emergency involves extensive dental caries or restorations which are defective. Dental emergencies can occur as a result of a sports accident, an auto accident, or any kind of household mishap which affects the head area. You could even have a toothache which suddenly reaches an extreme level of pain, and causes you to seek relief immediately. Whatever the particular dental emergency might be, the patient is generally in so much discomfort, that it becomes necessary to seek dental treatment in the shortest possible time frame.

Which Procedures Are Not Considered Dental Emergencies?

Some patients become confused over what constitutes an actual dental emergency, as opposed to something which can be handled during normal office hours. Periodic oral examinations obviously fall into the category of normal office hours. The same is true of routine dental cleanings and any kind of preventive therapies.

Orthodontic procedures are also situations which can be handled during regular office visits to your dentist. When it's necessary to extract a tooth for some reason, this can be accomplished during a specified appointment time. Any kind of restorative dentistry or cosmetic procedure will also be manageable during normal office hours, and does not require emergency treatment.

What Can I Do About My Emergency Dental Need Until I Can See a Parkway Dental Care of Kissimmee?

It rarely happens that you can get to the dentist office within minutes of undergoing some kind of dental emergency. That makes it important to take some steps until you're actually able to see the dentist. When you have a permanent or adult tooth which gets knocked out, it should be kept moist for as long as possible. If practicable, place the tooth back in the socket, so that it doesn't touch the root.

When you have a tooth that becomes cracked, you should rinse out your mouth with warm water to clean the area. After that, you should apply cold compresses to reduce any swelling. If you have bitten your tongue or lip, the area should be cleaned with water, after which a cold compress should be applied. For severe toothaches, the mouth should be rinsed out with warm water to make sure it's clean.

Then you should use dental floss to gently remove any food which might be trapped between teeth. It's not a good idea to apply aspirin to your gum tissues or to an aching tooth. When objects have become stuck in the mouth, you should try to remove them gently by flossing. You should never use instruments which are sharp or pointed in an attempt to extract objects lodged in the mouth.

How Can Dental Emergencies Be Prevented?

There are a few precautions which you can take in an attempt to avoid dental emergencies. Obviously, you cannot anticipate every kind of accident which might happen to you. However, in order to minimize the likelihood of sustaining dental emergencies, there are a few steps which can be taken in your daily routine.

Whenever you're involved with sports or any kind of recreational activity, it's a good idea to have a well-fitting mouth guard in place. Don't chew popcorn kernels, hard candy, or ice, because all of these are capable of cracking or breaking one of your teeth. Also, you should avoid using your teeth to cut things, and instead use objects like scissors which are made for the purpose.

Should I Contact Parkway Dental of Kississmmee for a Dental Emergency?

Whenever you require emergency dental service, and you have to be searching for an emergency dentist near me, we hope you'll find Parkway Dental Care of Kissimmee as your nearby Kissimmee emergency dentist. We've had years of experience dealing with dental emergencies, and we understand how important it is to react quickly in such cases. That's why we have someone on call at all times so that we can quickly respond to traumatic oral injuries you might sustain. We aim to be your go-to dentist in the area, and we would like to provide regular dental care for you in addition to being your emergency dentist in Kissimmee.

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