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At Avalon Commons Dental Care of Orlando, we understand how excruciating tooth pain can be. Our emergency same-day appointments are perfect for our Orlando neighbors interested in quick relief. Even if you keep up with your regular appointments, dental emergencies can happen unexpectedly.

Car accidents and sports injuries can leave you asking the question, 'where can I consult an emergency dentist near me?". You can look forward to convenient dental care when you call, in addition to flexible payment options and affordable treatment.

How do I Find Emergency Dentists in Orlando?

If you have a dental emergency, your initial instinct will probably be to Google 'Emergency Dental Services Near Me.' We encourage Orlando residents to call our office to make an emergency appointment during our regular business hours.

If you have never visited our Orlando dental office before, you will be relieved to know that we set aside time in our regular schedules for emergency cases. Our emergency dentists will quickly diagnose the problem, stop further damage, and protect your oral health.

What are The Different Types of Dental Implants in Orlando?

Dental implants come in different heights, sizes, and types. Your implant dentist will determine the best option for you based on your specific needs. The main types of implants are endosteal and subperiosteal implants.

Endosteal implants are made of titanium and look like small screws. The dental implants are placed in your jawbone. Subperiosteal implants are placed under your gums on or above your jawbone. These implants are used for patients who do not have sufficient jawbone and cannot undergo a bone augmentation.

When Should I Call an Emergency Dentist Near Me?

1. Tooth Pain

You should consult an Orlando emergency dentist if you have persistent and intense tooth pain. Most people will try and control toothache at home, but the pain will persist if there is inflammation of the nerves. Decay is often the culprit of most toothaches, but an Orlando emergency dentist will identify and treat any other root cause.

2. Knocked-Out Teeth

Accidents and injuries cause more than five million teeth to be knocked out each year. Loose teeth can also indicate localized infection, which our emergency dentists can quickly identify and treat. Emergency dental services can save and replant a knocked-out tooth, as long as you act quickly and consult the nearest dentist.
To boost the chances of saving your tooth, pick it up from the accident scene by the chewing surface and avoid touching the crown. You can rinse it in plain water if it is dirty but don't place it in a cloth.
It is best to keep the tooth moist, and you can try to re-insert it back to its socket or keep it in a container with milk. An experienced emergency dentist can save your tooth even if it has been outside your mouth for an hour or more.

3. Broken, Fractured, or Cracked Teeth

Severe teeth fractures demand an emergency dentist's attention since there may be damage to the inside of the tooth. Call our office immediately if you have lost a significant part of your tooth and are in intense pain.
Our specialists will recommend an X-ray to determine the extent of the fracture. Some patients only need a crown or filling, while others require a root canal to treat damaged soft tissue.

4. Bleeding Gums

At Avalon Commons Dental Care, we emphasize on proactive and preventative dental care. Most people ignore minor bleeding of the gums after they brush, but this could be an early indication of gum disease. If left untreated, the issue could escalate to severe bleeding or swelling.
We will urgently schedule any patient with unexplained gum bleeding and look for the root cause. Bleeding gums may be caused by brushing too hard, incorrect flossing, nutritional deficiencies, and certain drugs. Our treatment also includes preventing gum bleeding as part of our mission towards restoring excellent oral health for Orlando residents.

5. Abscess

Our emergency dental services include relieving patients of the pain and swelling that accompanies abscess. This bacterial infection commonly occurs in and around the root or between the tooth and gum. The abscess should be treated urgently because the infection can spread to the jaw and the rest of the body.
We will customize our emergency treatment to suit your situation. Treatment may involve draining the abscess, root canal, and antibiotic therapy. We may remove the affected teeth in severe cases, so it is essential to contact us at the earliest indications of tooth decay.

6. Swollen Jaw

Having a swollen jaw is uncomfortable, especially when accompanied by stiffness and tenderness. Simple activities like chewing food will often become a chore, and you will need an emergency dentist to get you back in shape.
Swollen jaws can be caused by bacteria infections, salivary gland infections, injury, and tooth abscess. Call us immediately if you notice a swell in your jaw for emergency treatment.

7. Losing a Filling or Crown

Many of our patients who schedule emergency appointments have lost their filing or crown. Refrain from using temporary measures like glues to restore crowns and filing, as we can schedule you to see a dentist right away.

What if I am Not Sure if My Issue is a Dental Emergency?

We often encourage our Orlando patients to call us if they suspect that their issues threaten their oral and physical health. Our staff will determine if your situation is an emergency or not, thanks to years of experience. If you have sustained dental injuries from car accidents or sport-related incidents, it is advisable to consult an Orlando emergency dentist as soon as possible.

What Can I Expect in an Emergency Dental Office Near Me?

We perform tests like x-rays at our facility, and you can bring with you any recent x-rays and medical records you have. Our emergency dentists will also evaluate your situation to determine if they should call an oral surgeon. Our specialists will communicate with your regular dentist after they solve the emergency to ensure you get follow-up care.

Are Dental Emergency Fees Expensive?

The costs of emergency dental care in Orlando vary because every patient has unique needs. We customize our treatment plans, but our specialists provide affordable and dedicated care. Our emergency dentists will give you an estimate after evaluating your dental condition. We welcome patients with insurance coverage as well as those without, as we accept most credit cards. We also have family-friendly dental plans. Do not hesitate to call us because of costs, however, as we provide quality but affordable dental care.

Can I Receive Dental Emergency Care in a Hospital Emergency Room?

If you have sustained trauma from a fall, sports incident, or car accident, you should seek medical care right away. A physician will evaluate your case and ensure that you have no serious injuries. Emergency rooms are not as equipped as dental emergency offices to deal with oral injuries, and it is best to see a dedicated emergency dentist near you.

How do I Avoid a Dental Emergency in Orlando?

An emergency dentist will use a combination of tests, therapies, and treatments to relieve your symptoms and treat your issues. The first thing our Orlando emergency dentists will do is make you comfortable, and we may use dental anesthetics to relieve your pain.
Our dental services include:

Dental emergencies may be unplanned, but you can stay prepared for when they happen. You can furnish a first aid kit with a handkerchief, gauze, acetaminophen for pain, and a small container to keep a fallen tooth. Include the number of an emergency dentist near you.

What to do If you Have a Dental Emergency

Time is of the essence during dental emergencies as it can worsen and cause more health problems. If you have severe pain or oral trauma, you call us during our office hours to be scheduled for emergency appointments. If the emergency cannot wait for our regular working hours, you should call 911 immediately for urgent medical assistance.

Dental accidents are unpredictable, but you can reduce your chances of being in one with precautions like:

  • Wear a mouthguard during sports o recreational events
  • Be diligent in oral care at home
  • Register your family at a reputable dental office
  • Keep up with dental appointments
  • Avoid chewing on items that can cause cracks in your teeth
  • Avoid using your teeth as tools
  • Limit sugary foods
  • Use a fluoride mouthwash
  • Teach children the pros of brushing and flossing
  • Take vitamin supplements to boost oral health
  • How to Prepare for a Dental Emergency
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