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Orlando Endodontist

At Avalon Commons Dental Care of Orlando, we provide general dentistry services to patients of all ages, and we also have endodontist specialists on hand. This means that if you need to have a root canal procedure performed, you can expect expert treatment in our clinic. Whenever any traumatic injury has damaged one or more of your teeth, our endodontics specialists will be able to treat the injury, and hopefully save your natural teeth. You can expect highly personalized treatment from our specialists, all of whom are well trained and bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to their jobs. We hope you'll consider our dental clinic before anyone else when you need general or specialized dental care in Orlando, FL.

What Does an Endodontist Do?

Endodontists are considered to be specialists in saving teeth, and that will help you to preserve your natural smile. They are obliged to undergo special training in order to learn all the required techniques for endodontistry. They also have to learn all about the advanced technology which is used in modern dentistry. One of the most popular procedures that endodontists undertake for patients is a root canal procedure.

Anyone who is experiencing excessive sensitivity to hot or cold foods or beverages should probably see an endodontist for a thorough examination. Some patients are occasionally involved in a serious accident involving facial trauma, which results in swelling of the gums or teeth. If this happens to you, you should promptly make an appointment to see a qualified endodontist. It's important that an appointment be scheduled as soon as possible, because this increases the chances of saving any tooth which might be damaged.

By delaying your visit, it becomes much more likely that the tooth will be damaged beyond repair, and will eventually have to be replaced. Endodontists are required to take at least two years of specialized training beyond the normal body of instruction obtained in dental school. This prepares them to become extremely skilled at diagnosing tooth pain. It also prepares them to perform a number of procedures which are designed to eliminate tooth pain, and to help save your healthy tooth.

What Makes Endodontists Special?

There is no doubt that endodontists are specialists within the field of dentistry, because even though all endodontists are full-blown dentists, only about 3% of all dentists are actually qualified to be endodontists. One of the main reasons that endodontists are considered specialists within the field of dentistry is that they must take an additional two years of instruction at the very least, in order to become specialists in this area of dentistry.

During these additional two years or more, training will be focused on diagnosing tooth pain. There will also be a focus on performing procedures such as root canals which are related to the interior of the tooth. In a great many cases, it will be possible to save a damaged tooth by performing endodontic procedures, assuming that the damage can be diagnosed and treated in time. Because of their specialized skills and knowledge, endodontists are often referred to as Specialists in Saving Teeth.

What Kinds of Procedures Does The Endodontist Specialize In?

One of the primary procedures that endodontists specialize in, and which they have become experts at performing, are root canal treatments. Secondarily, endodontists will also perform a number of different surgeries, and are also capable of handling a wide variety of traumatic dental injuries which might be sustained by patients.

In some cases, endodontists are specialists at performing dental implants. The main goal of any good endodontist is to save a patient's natural teeth whenever that is possible. In the bigger picture, endodontists will consider all treatment options, so that the best course of action for any individual patient can always be adopted.

Many endodontists are kept busy performing root canal procedures, often doing between 20 and 40 procedures in any given week. By contrast, a general dentist might only be required to perform one or two root canals in that same time frame. When you receive the specialized treatment that an endodontist is capable of providing, you'll always have the best possible outcome, and it will promote quicker healing. Dentists and endodontists frequently work in tandem so that patient care can be maximized, and so natural teeth can be saved whenever possible.

Why Should I Choose the Endodontist at Avalon Commons Dental Care of Orlando?

In addition to offering the very best dental care in Orlando, FL, our dental clinic has an ideal location in the Avalon Commons area of the city. Our office provides maximum patient comfort for all of our clients. We have a state-of-the-art clinic equipped with all the latest technology and most modern equipment, so that we can deliver the very best and most comfortable patient care possible.

You won't have to worry about acquiring any kind of infectious disease, because our processes will ensure that you are safeguarded against anything like that. In the era of the coronavirus, this has become especially important, and it will help your confidence to know that we are maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and patient safety.

If you have youngsters who are relatively new to dentistry, our professional specialists are experts at disarming their fears and helping them get through the process comfortably. We also provide emergency dental care for our patients, so that any crises can be promptly handled. If anyone in your family should suffer a sports injury or be involved in some kind of accident, we can be ready to provide same-day service to help you recover.

We go out of our way to ensure your comfort, and to deliver the very best dental care in Orlando, FL. Contact us today at Avalon Commons Dental Care of Orlando, so you can take advantage of the expert services we provide to patients of all ages.

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